Say What You Will – Justin Hines

8 October 2012 | 2012 International Aquarium Congress

At the 8th International Aquarium Congress (IAC) gala dinner, delegates were treated to a touching music video that reflects the mission of the 8th IAC – to share experiences and collectively inspire change – and also speaks to a broader concept of “together we can” make a better future, against all odds.

Says 8th IAC Steering Committee Chairperson and Two Oceans Aquarium Managing Director Dr Patrick Garratt: “This is the video that we wanted to share with you at the gala dinner of the 8th IAC, before you left Africa. It has touched our hearts, and we hope that it will touch yours too. 

“Thank you for joining us at this memorable congress.

Hamba kahle [Go well]!”

Below is Justin Hines’ Say What You Will. Here’s to fostering love and inspiring care for our oceans, and for each other. 

Justin Hines video of his recent remix of Say What You Will with proceeds going to help educate children in South Africa.

  • Author: 2012 International Aquarium Congress


  1. Joss vd Linde’s avatar
    Joss vd Linde 10/10/2012 #

    This is an inspiring video by an inspiring artist. We believe that Justin will make it far because he has a heart for the needy and the hopeless people.

  2. Freda Graham’s avatar
    Freda Graham 26/06/2013 #

    What a fantastic video it was so moving Justin you have a fantastic voice and talent you are a blessing to many others God Bless and keep you <3

  3. Roono’s avatar
    Roono 03/06/2014 #

    First of all I am this opportunity to share my views on the 8th IAC event happened last week. The 8th International Aquarium Congress was an unforgettable one as we got a musical treat
    that reflects the mission of the event. The aim was simple yet meaningful: together we can make it.

  4. Kalis’s avatar
    Kalis 08/07/2014 #

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