Invitation: Give us your suggestions for 2012 IAC topics and issues

14 February 2011 | Michael Farquhar

Once every four years we have the opportunity to get together and exchange ideas in order to develop our industry, improve our operational practices in the fields of husbandry, conservation, education, marketing and business, and to motivate ourselves to be the best we can be. The 2012 International Aquarium Congress (IAC) will be hosted in Cape Town, South Africa by the Two Oceans Aquarium and we are planning on doing some things a little differently.

Traditionally, the IAC has had a fairly set format and rather severe time limitations, with paper and poster presentations focussing on husbandry and exhibit issues and, to a lesser extent, on education, conservation and the business of operating our facilities.

Consequently, very few of the many experienced and knowledgeable delegates attending the IAC have had the opportunity to present papers or become involved in discussions during the sessions. Discussions have tended, therefore, to occur in smaller groups during the breaks and in the evenings. Also, there seems to have been a gradual decline in question and discussion opportunities during the IAC sessions.

We are planning on bringing more discussion/interaction into the main sessions by:

expanding the range of themes/topics (a special effort will, for instance, be made to attract participants from the education and technical fields who have felt rather marginalised at previous congresses); and

incorporating discussion groups/open forum workshops which encourage participation from all delegates.

Further, in order to achieve the best possible results from the 2012 IAC, we invite potential delegates, and the aquarium community as a whole, to assist us in selecting topics/issues that you believe to be most pertinent to our industry at this time.

Please give some thought, therefore, to the following questions and send your replies to me, Michael Farquhar ( by 28 February, 2011.

What burning issues/topics would you like to have discussed by the IAC delegates? (Please limit your answer to two issues or topics.)

What would you need to achieve in Cape Town to make this conference a success?

We want to make this conference as interesting, thought-provoking and worthwhile as possible for everyone, so I urge you to assist us by considering the questions above and sending your thoughts through to us. The more responses we get, the more likely we are to succeed in making this conference really memorable.

  • Author: Michael Farquhar


  1. JUNG Min-min’s avatar
    JUNG Min-min 22/09/2011 #

    I recommend for topic of 8th IAC, That is development of aquarium fish aquaculture. My lab(NFRDI of south Korea) research about tank breeding method of aquarium fish. My motto that is - Let us aquaculture to world trade aquarium fish and organisms.

  2. Remove RipOff Reports’s avatar
    Remove RipOff Reports 01/12/2011 #

    Which will based to 2012 International Aquarium Congress (IAC).What ist he benifit of IAC?

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    NC Sinha 06/01/2012 #

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