Faces of the 8th IAC welcome function

9 September 2012 | Ingrid Sinclair

The Two Oceans Aquarium hosted the 8th International Aquarium Congress (IAC) welcome function on 9 September 2012. It was a resounding success with colleagues and friends reuniting after at least four years of being apart! Here is the night in faces. All photos by Ingrid Sinclair

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Anthony Chang of Ching Fong Fishery Co. Ltd (Taiwan)

John Werth and Stephen van der Spuy of the African Association of Zoos and Aquaria (PAAZAB)

IAC Steering Committee member Paul van den Sande

Two Oceans Aquarium Aquarist Michelle Kirshenbaum and South African Association for Marine Biological Research (SAAMBR) Aquarist Rob Kyle

Cynthia Vernon and Aimee David of Monterey Bay Aquarium

Ocean Projects MD Mike Causer and Biologist/Project Manager Cédric Guignard

From left: Two Oceans Aquarium Managing Director and IAC Steering Committee Chairperson Dr Patrick Garratt, SAAMBR CEO Judy Mann and National Zoological Assocation of South Africa’s Clifford Nxomani

Alice Ashwell and IAC keynote speaker Dr Camille Parmesan

Dr Camille Parmesan and Dr Patrick Garratt

Brian Zimmerman (Zoological Society of London), Deborah Cracknell (National Marine Aquarium) and Rainer Kaiser (Zoologischer Gauten Berlin AG)

From left: 8th IAC keynote speaker Prof George Branch, Margo Branch, Amanda Human (Western Cape Museum Service, Mossel Bay Shell Museum) and Russell Stevens (Two Oceans Aquarium Head of Education)

Bronwyn Steenkamp and I&J Commercial Director William Steenkamp

Charles Read (Blooloop) and Elana Kazlas (ConsultEcon Inc US)

Wanda Leung (Bernard Harrison and Friends, Singapore) and Roy Barford (Flow Communications)

From left: Tim Binder, Roger Germann and Mike Delfini (Shedd Aquarium)

From left: Jean Philippe Catteau (Marineland), Phil Jane (Aquarium De Paris Cineaqua), Alexis Powilewicz (Aquarium De Paris Cineaqua), Guillaume Eveillard and Pascal Romans (Oceanologique De Banyuls – Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie)

From left: Beth Marshall (Florida Aquarium), Michael Farquhar (curator at Two Oceans Aquarium) and Judy Mann

Marco Rosa (MD) and Michael Wolf (CEO) of FormulaD Interactive

Alan Foulis and Greg Mutumi of the Marine Stewardship Council

Francis Yupangco and Shawn Rich of Living Colour Aquariums

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  • Author: Ingrid Sinclair


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