2012 International Aquarium Congress: Call for papers

8 November 2011 | Michael Farquhar

Michael Farquhar Michael Farquhar

Prospective presenters are now invited to submit their abstracts for papers or posters to be presented at the 8th International Aquarium Congress (IAC) in Cape Town, South Africa from 9 to 14 September 2012.

The underlying theme of the 8th IAC - The Global Aquarium Community: Sharing experiences and collectively inspiring change - is sustainability. As such, the congress aims to provide a platform for the aquarium community to share information and ideas on what aquariums are doing around the globe to embrace sustainability in all aspects of their operations.

As per the preliminary plenary programme, presentation categories include:

  • Education
  • Husbandry
  • Business/Management
  • Technical
  • In-situ conservation initiatives/programmes
  • Visitor experience/studies and
  • Communication

Please submit an abstract (300 words) for your paper or poster as well as a 100-word motivation (in Microsoft Word) demonstrating the relevance of your paper to the theme of sustainability in your chosen category, to the Chairperson of the Programme Committee, Michael Farquhar, on Michael.Farquhar@aquarium.co.za by 31 January 2012. 

A condition of acceptance regarding the submission of papers is: the authors of papers/posters accepted by the Programme Committee must register for the congress and pay the delegate’s fee by 31 March 2012 to ensure that their presentations are included in the final programme.

Please note that the programme posted on the website is the preliminary plenary programme and that parallel session/s will take place on three days of the congress. The programme for the parallel session/s will be determined by the abstracts received. 

The congress proceedings will be conducted in English, but simultaneous translation into Mandarin and Japanese will be available. 

We look forward to hosting you at the Two Oceans Aquarium.

Michael Farquhar
2012 IAC Programme Chairman

  • Author: Michael Farquhar


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